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Leafy Tea is easy!

All you need are these four things:

1. An Infuser

2. Tea mug or Cup

3. Teapot/Tea Kettle

4. Loose leaf tea - Our Leafy Tea :)


1. An Infuser

The tea infuser prevents the tea leaves from floating freely in your cup when you drink. You can also stop making tea after a few minutes. This will prevent your tea from being bitter also known as over steeping your tea. If you treat your tea infuser well, it will last you many years.

Did you know you can re-steep your tea leaves?

On average the teas from Leafy Tea Cafe will last you about 3-5 steeps each, depending on the leaf and how you like your tea. You may only want to have a 2-3 steeped tea or maximize your tea for full body and longevity by getting 4-5 steeps out of the leaves.

2. Tea mug or Cup

A teapot or cup is what you'd put the infuser in to hold your Leafy Teas. Nowadays specially designed cups and glass jars have tea infusers attached to them.

3. Teapot/Tea Kettle

You will need a kettle to boil water. A traditional stove is useful. Kettles can boil water faster and more efficiently. Even a simple pot with a pinch will work.

4. Loose leaf tea - Our Leafy Tea :)

Now all you need is tasty Leafy Tea.

Instructions for brewing loose tea:

1. Boil the kettle and pour water over it

2. Wait for the water to boil, add the appropriate amount of loose tea to the infuser. Place the tea infuser in a teapot or mug.

Tip: Double the amount of tea you use to make iced tea

3. When the water reaches the desired temperature, pour it onto the tea funnel in your mug or teapot. This will allow water to circulate through the leaves. 4. Time your tea. When the time expires, soak the brew group twice to allow the water to circulate. Remove the brew and set it aside to re-steep later.

5. Serve in your favorite mug or grab some ice for a satisfying ice tea.

Tip: If you re-steep the tea, add a minute or two to the time, since it takes the tea takes longer to draw out the flavor.


How to make iced tea

When Brewing a Tea via The Iced Tea Method, you can use a regular jug or container just as you would make hot tea as described above. However, you'll want to double the amount of Leafy Tea used and extend the steeping time significantly. We here at Leafy Tea Cafe find that leaving it overnight in the Fridge yields the best results.

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