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Terms of Service

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before subscribing to Leafy Tea Cafe and/or making a purchase from Leafy Tea Cafe and/or using any service from Leafy Tea Cafe.
By subscribing to the website, making a purchase or asking for service, the user/ subscriber indicates absolute compliance with the terms and conditions.

Leafy Tea Cafe is an online tea-portal registered under the legal discipline of India.Hereby the user agrees that s/he will remain alert about the confidentiality of the user account. In case of any kind of unauthorized access or any kind of doubt/ confusion, the user should take prompt action to change the password.

The user should assure that all the information which are being registered with Leafy Tea Cafe, are true/ accurate; in case of changes, the user can update the changes by visiting the “My Account” section. The website holds complete freedom to terminate an account or restrict access without issuing any notice to the buyer.

Leafy Tea Cafe commits that the data submitted by the user to the website will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared anywhere.

While using the website or its services, the user should post and upload contents that conform to the rules of decency. Any case of defamation, abuse or harassment will be strictly handled by the website. The user account will be immediately ceased.

The user should not upload any content for which s/he does not have permission; any case of copyright infringement will be strongly discouraged by the website. Violation of copyright laws may lead to cease of account.

  • It is strictly prohibited to upload corrupt files/ software/ programs to the website.

  • The user is not allowed to conduct any survey or contest on the website.

  • The user should not access any content uploaded by another user without permission.

  • The user should not omit/ change the name of the lawful owner/ author of a software/ content which is uploaded; neither is s/he allowed to omit any legal declaration or statutory warning.

  • Minors can use Leafy Tea Cafe only under the supervision of parents/ guardian.


The user should abstain from making any derogatory comment on Leafy Tea Cafe or its team.
When the user posts/ uploads/ shares a content on Leafy Tea Cafe, the website will irrevocably possess the right to use or publish the content under the user’s name.

If one or more of the terms and conditions mentioned above are violated by the user, Leafy Tea Cafe will have full right to take necessary measures. This may include:

  • Restriction on cash-on-delivery

  • Restriction on particular services

  • Cancel orders

  • Closure of account, in the worst case.

Leafy Tea Cafe reserves all intellectual property rights for its contents, trade names, trademarks, design, service marks, patents, inventions, utility ideas, meta tags, source code, icons, graphics, hyperlinks and data. Any unauthorized usage of the contents protected under the Intellectual Property Right Act will be strictly punishable.

While accessing the services from this website, the user agrees to verify each step and make prudent consideration before any kind of transaction/ data input. Leafy Tea Cafe disclaims that it takes the best precaution to assure quality, originality, reliability, accuracy, durability, punctuality, safety, security, and legality of the products/ services/ contents sold through/ displayed on the website.

Pilferage Claim:

  • Pilferage claims should be processed within 48 hours of delivery; claims will not be accepted/ entertained after that period.

  • The customer should provide detailed information and a few snapshots of the package; without these details, no refund will be possible.

  • Leafy Tea Cafe  will verify the information and snapshots provided by the customer; it may take 3-4 business days. Process of refund will start after that.

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