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Prettily known as the ‘Queen of fruits’, strawberry is a real heart stealer among all other fruits! Wrapped with a variety of health benefits and packed with utmost care and love, Tea Swan is more than glad to provide you with a lip smacking fruit this time! Delicious in taste and one of the best snacks for the evening, a pack of dried strawberry is now easy to find it in the Internet. Being chewy in style and sweet in taste, you can use it in multiple recipes, such as a blend of dried strawberry fruit tea! Surprising it sounds, perfect it tastes!



  • Healthy Heart
  • Fibrous (Minimal)
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol
  • Immune Booster (Vitamin C)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidants


Additional Info

  • Caffeine: None
  • TASTING NOTES: Concentrated sweet berry flavor

Dried Strawberry

  • Size

    100g / 3.52 OZ.

    Comes In A Light Resistant Resealable Pouch

  • Flower - Fruits - Herbs

    These are additions and compliments to our main tea collection. And by adding different Flowers, Fruits, & Herbs to your teas, you can create an all-new signature blend that you made!

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